Public Historians Engage With Gun Violence

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, sixteen public historians came together for a day of productive building at the National Council on Public History Annual Meeting in an attempt to scaffold resources and historical interpretation around the issue of mass gun violence. Working through the day, teams assembled existing resources and refashioned them to highlight the kinds of skills and expertise public historians can bring to the many civic conversations that happen in the aftermath of shootings. The results of that work cluster around several areas:

Ways to Respond

Rapid Response Kit

Materials for public historians to access in the immediate aftermath of violence

Historical Interpretation

Interpretation of gun violence

Materials to frame gun violence in a historical perspective that stretches back to the 1770s

Datasets & Web Projects

Explore resources

An aggregation of a wide range of materials, studies, and data about gun violence that can be sorted by categories

Educational Materials

Educational Materials

A crowdsourced list of educational materials for educators to use in the classroom at all levels of education

Understanding Trauma

Trauma resources I

Learn more about trauma, including causes, symptoms and who it affects.

Self-Care and Support for Trauma

Trauma resources II

Find resources to help yourself and others deal with the effects of trauma.