Historical Interpretation

A look at gun violence events stretches back to the late 1800s, indicating that these events did not start with Kent State or Columbine. Interpretation of gun violence can take many forms, address many topics, and has some obstacles to address:

  • A Timeline marking watershed events (see below)
  • Examination of how technological changes may have contributed to gun violence
  • The whys of gun violence; motivations of the shooters
  • History of policy/legislative actions
  • Discussion of gun violence in a non-politically charged way—is this possible in the US, how?
  • Grassroots efforts that have arisen post-gun violence events
  • Misconceptions related to gun violence
  • A history of media coverage of gun violence events and how this coverage may have changed over time—and how it may have shaped public opinion/responses
  • Defining what types of gun violence being considered

Timeline Overview: 1770-2018

[timeline src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ci8oXPy_EAfwrT0F5Ea16Kw6WVc3QFhGtyHR5Rb7Tyg/edit?usp=sharing” width=”100%” height=”650″ font=”Default” lang=”en” version=”timeline3″ ]