Ways to Respond

What is the historian’s role in interpreting and commemorating actions of violence in a country where mass gun violence has become so common? How can we come together to document and preserve these histories? Historians can play a number of roles in the short, medium, and long-term of documenting and remembering mass gun violence.

Historians are:

  • Partners with the affected community
  • Informants who contextualize tragedies of mass violence to the media and in other spaces of public discourse
  • Advocates for social and political change>
  • Collectors of condolence materials at temporary memorials
  • Listeners for individuals affected by mass gun violence willing to share their story
  • Creators of archives, both physical and digital
  • Consultants for permanent memorials
  • Educators of the general public and the next generation of public historians


In the immediate aftermath of tragedy,

within the first year, and for the long-term future:


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Resources for Historians Responding to Gun Violence



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